Beautiful Catastrophe

The works in "Beautiful Catastrophe" were completed over the year of 2012 – a really tough and personally challenging year for me. During this time my painting kept me occupied and helped me work through some of the issues I was facing.
This coincided with an earlier artistic decision to do a series of works that were freer in expression and explored the possibility of using paint to create the work itself. To some extent this happened, but overall there was a lot of planning and deliberate "splashing" to get the effect I wanted. I also had a lot of fun learning to control very wet sloppy paint – it wants to do its own thing of course and knowing how it dries, rotating canvases at the right moment and mixing colours effectively was hugely rewarding.
There is no doubt the works have a connecting theme… of 'big events' perhaps influenced by a turbulent year for me. All of these paintings are inspired by colour – I am a colourist first and a structuralist second. I have described loosely the inspiration for each work because I think it helps give meaning. The viewer can then interpret for themselves.
Exhibited at Farmgate Gallery, Clevedon 8 December 2012 to 8 January 2013


"Well Versed" 2016

"Proverbial" 2014

"The Writing's on the Wall" 2013

"Beautiful Catastrophe" 2012

Group Show "Flourish" 2009

"Through the Gap" 2008

3 Months

3 Months
Acrylic on canvas. 1520mm x 610mm

Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll
Florescent and Acrylic on canvas.610mm x 1520mm

Sunset Break

Sunset Break SOLD
Acrylic on canvas. 1520mm x 690mm

Oracle Tree

Oracle Tree SOLD
Acrylic on canvas. 830mm x 1220mm

Mayan Phoenix

Mayan Phoenix SOLD
Acrylic on canvas. 760mm x 1020mm

Big Moment

Big Moment SOLD
Acrylic on canvas. 1800mm x 920mm


Acrylic on canvas. 1210mm x 610mm

ChineseWhispers #1

Chinese Whispers #1
Acrylic on canvas. 760mm x 1020mm

Chinese Whispers #2

Chinese Whispers #2
Acrylic on canvas. 760mm x 1020mm